Nsay ki la - won nyuy - won fon- Nsay Digital

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date:    28 August 2020

Record Lable: Indie

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This song is a tribute to some four persons: Prof. Bernard Fonlon; Cardinal Tumi, Bishop Immanuel Bushu, Archbishop Paul Verdzekov. A number things hold them in common. They were among the first generation of intellectuals from English Cameroon. They made a huge impact in the Church and in Cameroon, and they are from Nso’. This is why the song is in English and Lamnso, and pays homage to these people who were icons of the faith and models for later generations.

It was produced with Chrisco Fon in 2018, but only released later on.

Release date: 28 August 2020
Mood: joyful
Genre: Folk


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