Nsay ki la - WITH JOY - Desmond- Nsay Digital

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date:  9 February 2020

Record Lable: Indie



A devotional song that can fit into many purposes: general category, entrance, animation, praise/worship. The words are deep, and the melody is sweet. Sometimes we focus so much on what we lack, and are therefore more inclined towards songs and prayers of intercession and petition. WITH JOY helps you to sing in praise, worship and thanksgiving.

The chorus is easy and short; you can, hence, sing along without difficulty. It is polyphonic for the four voices, but it all ends up sweet and beautiful. The song is calm, soft, soothing and with just the kind of pace you would want for it.

The composer is Desmond Ayuni (2020). With the intention of making it a soft and soothing song, The Virtual Chorale gave it life it needed, giving it an overall pleasant feeling. The song was produced by Nsay ki la, mixed and digitally mastered by Dijay Kay. 

Release date: 20 February 2022
Mood: soothing, joyful


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