Nsay ki la - The Man Verdzekov- Nsay Digital

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 26 January 2019

Record Lable: Indie

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The Most Reverend Paul Mbiybe Verdzekov died on 26 January 2010. In 2020, a file was opened to gather material so that the course of canonization could begin. Many believe him to have lived a holy life, and hope he would be declared a Saint some day. Before then, Nsay ki la had done this tribute to him, highlighting some of his outstanding qualities: man of integrity, truthfulness, assiduity, holiness, respect, simplicity. This song was released on 26 January 2019, although it had been produced a year before.

He was born in Shisong on 22 January 1931 and ordained priest on 20 December 1961. On 13 August 1970, he was appointed Bishop of the newly created diocese of Bamenda. Verdzekov was consecrated Bishop the following 8 November by Msgr Julius J. W. Peeters, Bishop of Buea. The co-consecrators were Msgr Yves-Joseph-Marie Plumey, Bishop of Garoua and Pierre-Celestin Nkou, Bishop of Sangmelima.

On 18 March1982 he became archbishop of Bamenda when his diocese was elevated to archdiocese by Pope John Paul II. Archbishop Verdzekov retired on 23 January 2006. He died in 2010, aged 79, as Archbishop Emeritus of Bamenda.

Release date: 26 January 2019
Mood: soothing
Genre: A Capella


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