Artwork - Kileeme by Nsay ki la


Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 22nd November 2022

Record Lable: Indie

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About Kileeme by Nsay ki la:

Kileeme by Nsay ki la is sensational. And the sweetness of it does not take away its message. The producer of the song is Marc Eff of Kovapot. In his characteristic creative manner, he does not go in for a single genre to capture the creation of this song. He uses the freely danceable Amapiano from South Africa and fuses it with the Mbakelum melody of the Mankon people of North West Cameroon. In the end, the whole concept of Nsay ki la is harnessed and executed to perfection.

“Watch where you stand… look then you leap”. These opening lines are calling for caution. It has to do with wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. The next lines bring in another perspective: “what for the band, hold the hand, then you can leap”. This is a reminder not to strive alone, but to look out for others, because “it is dangerous”. the refrain of the song, which is in Lamnso’, completes the message: wir dzem waa yen a kileemi. (Everyone should be cautious not to get wounded). Kileemi in Lamnso’ means a wound.

The second verse of “Kileeme by Nsay ki lla” gives the reason. “Tír fə́r oo! Ku tìr fə́r oo! Wíri sí kfə́n ji ŋguùmé sí, kfə́r vitú vév oo.” (Warn your relative/friend. People are becoming like the plague locusts, eating up themselves”. This comes from a proverb in Lamnso’ which says that only the plague locusts eat up themselves. It is used when people are seen to be destroying themselves. This adds up to the message of the song about why we ought to be cautious. 

The nail on the song’s content is the short recitation in Lamnso’. “Á kuumé Nyùy mà; kiŋsìn wun wón və́!” (Remember God! He is the one who protects his people). And so finally, the song takes on a Biblical perspective, about reliance on God, the Protector, the Good Shepherd. 

But aside the message, the song has such a groove to it. You can’t possibly listen without pulling off those dance moves even if you’re sitting down. And so KILEEMI will make you dance and think at once! The melody and the content are in perfect balance. The words are few enough to let you enjoy the music, and the music is arranged in a way that you won’t miss the message.

Genre: Amapiano fusion
Mood: joyful