I DO by NFonji Maze


Artist: NFonji Maze

Status: Single

Released Date: 1st Dec, 2021

Record Label: Indie


Song Description:

True love is beautiful and rare. Therefore, it deserves to be celebrated. Many people and creators have spoken about love in song. But every song usually has something to contribute. This is the contribution of NFonji Maze.

The song came in a rather fantastic and amazing way. In under 48 hours the lyrics were done.  The production process itself did not take time. The producer, Raizy Beatz, gave life to the lyrics. Through the instruments, he harnessed and conveyed the emotions conveyed in the song.

“I Do” celebrates people in love; it voices the unspoken words of love, and gives hope to those who say “God when?”

Release date: 1 December 2021
Genre: Afrobeat
Mood: Joyful