Nsay ki la - Fresh waters- Nsay Digital

Artist: Nsay ki la

Status: Single

Released Date: 10 – 10 -10

Record Lable: Indie



The month of March usually comes with the expectation of rains in the grasslands of Cameroon, following the Dry Season. When the rains do come, it is a new time of the year: the dust goes away; the grass and the trees go green again; the bees and butterflies rejoice on the flowers…and the people plant! It is always indeed a time of newness and renewal, a time that guarantees food for the future.

FRESH WATERS is a celebration of this time. Indeed, new rain is more than just the waters, and this song is somewhat a reflection for this time of the year. It is dedicated to all the March babies, the children of the rainfall, to those who rejoice at the new rains, and in fact to anyone longing for renewal, and looking back to the days when as kids we danced in the rain

It is produced by Nsay ki la; mixed and digitally mastered by Dijay Kay